I remember waking up next to the side of the road, everything was blurry but I could make out a figure standing over me telling me to lay still. I tried to get up, but there was just nothing, no movement from the chest down. Just a fiery pain throughout my body, as I got crushed by my car rolling over me. 

It begs the question, how could surviving this crash be any kind of mercy?

4 years later, I wheeled onto the red carpet for the Durban Ironman in my racing wheelchair. 

Becoming the first South African paraplegic to ever complete an Ironman. 

Maybe, just maybe, everything of my past was preparing me for this life I am living now, disabled yes, but only physically.

I realized that to fully embrace this new life and everything that it held for me, 

I had to let go of my past, of what happened to me and leap into the unknown of this new life, and what a life it has proven to be.


A. Uys