Alwyn Uys has a prophetic and healing ministry where he both trains and equips the body of Christ to hear the Father for themselves and to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in healing. He holds prophetic schools where this training takes place. Ministering to various groups of people, namely in churches, schools and businesses, he regularly goes to minister on the streets, spreading the love Jesus has for his people to both be encouraged and set free and to live in their calling.

“I’m a man that nearly lost his life a few times already before the age of 25. Numerous health issues growing up, car accidents, paralysis, colon diseases and many more complications have plagued my life. Through it all, I encountered Jesus, the healer and the deliverer. He set me free, healed my body and filled me with a fire in my heart to see the gospel preached throughout the world. In my darkest moments, I saw and encountered the true light, Jesus Christ. It’s my life mission to share everything that God has done for me and to see His glory fill the earth."He ministers both locally and internationally and enjoys interacting with people from all nations.


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Alwyn Uys Ministries
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